Thursday, March 1, 2012

" Best present ever" are the words of a mother (Amazon reviews)


"Best present ever" are the words of an 87  year old mother. If you are looking for a gift, a HotSmart Plate is perfect for men and women of practically any age. You don't have to worry about size, color or even if they will like it (Most people love them)!

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"Best present ever" are the words of a mother #HotSmart plates keep #food #warm -

This is our first model (We only sell the improved model now at the bottom)

To learn all about them: How they work, how, where and by whom they were invented   Click Here
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It will help to lower our prices. Our product is much needed by the elderly, the sick, Alzheimer's patients and many people with mobility problems or that have to eat slowly for a number of reasons.


These gourmet plates are ideal for caregiving of the elderly, the sick, Alzheimer's patients, 
Parkinson's ALS, WLS and many other applications were people eat slowly for any reason, including of course the enjoyment of hot food.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

HotSmart Plates now come with a double seal

This is a detail of the seal; two different sealers are used, RF.5 modified in house for this particular application and another commercial sealer..

Monday, September 19, 2011

How to Lose Weight by Eating Slowly - wikiHow

How to Lose Weight by Eating Slowly - wikiHow

I cannot endorse this article of which I was the original writer; it has been modified to eliminate any mention of my invention which makes eating slowly a pleasant experience which helps acquire the habit.

Although I believe in eating slowly, doing this by using clumsy contraptions like the thing that reduces oral cavity and costs about $500  and a  plastic "diet fork"  that costs $8 is stupid. (The diet fork is a satire by the way).

Anyway, I was blocked out of wikiHow by a "Krystle" which is apparently some kind of a queen sovereign  in wikiHow for trying to return the article to its original context:which is:

How to lose weight by eating slowly by making eating slowly a pleasant experience not a clumsy one. If that was the answer I could improve the article by adding: "Wear boxing gloves at the table"; but how can you reason with somebody that writes an article about milking goats and explains that you need one or more female goats  or a guy whose user name is "maniac" or another lady that explains how to eat peanut butter

Saturday, September 17, 2011

InstaHot Plates

InstaHot Plates? Well... they need one minute microwaving but on the other hand they stay hot for more than 30 minutes; see:
InstaHot Plates at 

 Keep food from getting cold and enjoy
Simply go to and type HotSmart

Sunday, April 17, 2011

HotSmart Hot Plates make food tastier?

Yes! and help prevent overeating too!

If you don't believe that Hot Plates can make your food tastier click the link below (Or Google "flavor and temperature"): but let me tell you, it is no secret to restaurant owners and most people.

Who likes food getting cold and bland on the plate?

Eating slowly is only an aspect of mindful eating
On a HotSmart food won't get cold
A-Z Guarantee

Drawing of a Hot Plate by HotSmart the Texan startup that developed them
For warm and tasty food 
Eat slowly and avoid overeating
(Do not miss the links to Harvard publications and other sources on the subject)
Better than having fire inside the plate!

Plates that make food tastier? We can prove it! Actually most people know that food gets cold and bland if you don't eat it fast; except on HotSmart Plates!. 



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hot Plates

There is another type of hot plates; I am not talking about those electric kitchen gadgets that have been in use for some time, I am talking about ceramic plates that keep your food hot throughout the meal: HotSmart Plates

Why is this post so brief?
Some people (actually many) have been looking for this type of product for years and they simply look for:
Just type HotSmart Plates in any browser and you will find lots of information

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